Improve Your Child’s Skills With Disney Toy Story Colouring Book

The selection of right type of toys is very challenging now-a-days. Today, the market is flooded with many types of educational games, puzzles, blocks etc. So we should choose toys for kids depending upon their age and skill level. I have bought Toy Story Disney Interactive colouring book for my three year nephew. He spends a great deal of time in playing with it. It is so easy that it can easily plug & play into any regular Colour TV available at your home. This colouring book includes 30 colouring activities with three fun ways – connect the dots and colour, pictures to colour and colour by numbers. This toy is highly enjoyed my little nephew as it is easy to store and easy to handle for him. Moreover, it is also great for improving his hand and eye coordination, his imagination and also helps in numbers recognition. So if you want to improve your child’s skills while playing, then go for Disney Toy Story Interactive Colouring Book. To buy, please visit:


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