Bagittoday Books Deals : Buy Fault Lines By Raghuram Rajan

To occupy my spare time, I have always loved to read books. By reading books, I update my knowledge, increase my language skills and aid research too. Recently, I have read Fault Lines written by Raghuram Rajan who had given a warning of the global financial crisis before the hit. In this book, the writer argues that serious flaws in the global economy are also to blame and also warns that a potentially more devastating crisis may come if these flaws are not fixed. Moreover, Raghuram Rajan also shows how the individual choices collectively brought about the economic meltdown by government officials, bankers, ordinary homeowners etc. This book is best for those who want to learn how the world economy works – currency devaluation, interest rates, credit spreads etc. To buy Fault Lines Raghuram Rajan’s book, please visit:


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