Bagittoday: Mont Blanc Pens – Great Writing Instruments

Mont Blanc Pens

Mont Blanc Pens

Owning a Montblanc Pen appears to be about status for many folks. This is just like owning a Porsche cabriolet. Even as you adore the luxury and exclusivity, you realize that the Porsche 911 will not drive much better than a Honda Civic, and will stay in the shop far more often. Though pricey far more than competitors’ Pelikan or Waterman, Mont Blanc fountain pens are writing instruments that last for years, no matter what sorts of ‘maintenance’ you give them. I must admit Montblanc is very durable. I have been “lost” in a car for several months in 110+ degree high humidity weather (so it has been baked for a long time) and still worked superb when found, except for needing a refill. Recently, it went through the washing machine and again, all it needed is a refill. For more details, please visit: But you have to be a member to purchase on this site. Membership is free but by invitation only. Get on to the waiting list now for being invited or asks a friend who is a member to invite you. So, go ahead and start shopping.


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