Reebok Cricket Kit – Ideal Gift For Cricket Lover

Sports not only build an individual’s muscles stronger, but it also improves his overall health too. My brother loves to play cricket. On his birthday, I had decided to give him Reebok Cricket Kit as a gift. I had ordered it from some days before for  just Rs. 2499. Thankfully it arrived just one day before his birthday and my brother was overjoyed to get this gift.

Online Shopping India

Online Shopping India

This Reebok Cricket Kit includes a ball, a Kashmir willow bat, a pair of traditional practice pads, a pair of gloves, high impact resistant poly protector ab guard, a trendy and useful sipper and a kit bag to carry everything. Moreover, you can also upgrade your kit by ordering a Reebok Tracksuit, a Reebok T-shirt and Reebok Socks of worth Rs. 5697 by just paying Rs. 999 only. But you have to be a member to purchase on this site.



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