Whirlpool RO Water Purifier – Removes all Contaminants and Micro Organism

Whirlpool RO Water Purifier is known for reducing harmful impurities. With six stage purification process, it also removes all contaminants and micro organism present in the water. This process not only removes visible and invisible impurities, but it also improves the taste of the water. Power consumption of this appliance is 16W only. So you can also save money on your electronics bills by purchasing this product. The water storage tank of Whirlpool water purifier is made of 100% food grade plastic and ensures the health and safety of the users.

Water Purifier

Water Purifier

Whirlpool RO Water Purifier also has child lock mechanism that prevents the misuse of water dispensing by children. The dimensions of this product are 433 (H) x 380(D) x 320 (W). It also has an anti bacterial tank system that prevents the overflow of the water. If you want to know more details about this appliance, then please visit: www.bagittoday.com. You have to be a member to purchase on this site.  Membership is free but by invitation only. Get on to the waiting list now for being invited or ask a friend who is a member to invite you. So Hurry!



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