Samsung Omnia – A Smartphone with Fantastic Features

Samsung Omnia is very popular as it helps consumers stay online on the go. This business phone supports key business mobile push email solutions (MS Exchange ActiveSync, IBM Lotus Notes Traveler). It also supports leading IM programs (MSN Messenger, GTalk, Yahoo IM, etc.) and social networking sites including Facebook and My Space. It has ergonomic QWERTY buttons, curved keypad layout and stepwise keys with soft incline. It is equipped with Windows Mobile 6.1 that offers seamless compatibility from mobile to PC. It also has MS Office suite applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF Files .And to top the icing it has a embedded 3 Megapixel camera.

Samsung Omnia Mobile Phone

Samsung Omnia Mobile Phone

In India, there are numerous Online Mobile Stores where we not only buy mobile phones at affordable prices, but we can also compare them in terms of their advanced features, their price and much more. You can visit On Samsung Omnia, they are giving abt 17-18% discount and free Reebok gifts worth Rs 6500 but you have to be a member to enter the site. Membership is free but you got to be on their waiting list…not too difficult.


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